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Message from our rector, Rev. Ken Phelps+
For over three hundred years people have gathered in this community to be nourished by God’s love and then gone forth to share that love with neighbors, both near and far. It is a rich history, and we honor our traditions.

But, we also have an eye to the future. And to be faithful to the heart and mind of Christ and to the greater community we serve, we acknowledge the need to continually rediscover and redefine who we are as disciples of Jesus, and what that means for us in this time and this place. . . read more

a prayer for healing

Gracious and loving God, In this time of uncertainty and crisis,
  • we raise before you our fear, our anxiety, our deepest concerns and our greatest hopes.
  • We pray for all who are stricken by this virus, that you grant them courage and strength;
  • we pray for those who labor at personal risk to bring comfort and healing, that you protect them from all harm and bless the application of their skill and experience;
  • we pray for all who have been impacted financially - those who have lost jobs, those who are hungry, those who fear the loss of home or business, and those already on the margins whose suffering has increased - that you may be a source of hope for them and an inspiration to others who have the power to alleviate their anguish;
  • And, we pray that you will bring us together in this moment as a nation, that we rise to the single purpose of doing all we can to support the healing and safety and recovery of our neighbors near and far, that in committing ourselves to the welfare of the other we may discover that the love that binds us is greater than anything that might separate us;
all this we ask in your most Holy name,
for you are the source of all healing, all hope, all love and all peace.


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