Episcopal Church Women

What is the ECW?

Empowering women to do Christ’s ministry in the world, the ECW was founded as a mission in 1871.  At that time, funds were raised for the ECW to carry out its missionary work. The United Thank Offering was born from this mission.  Sharing the love of Christ through the gifts of hospitality and service, the ECW currently has a variety in missions and activities scheduled throughout the year. Today, the ECW is mostly an in-reach mission for All Saints Parish; however, the ECW also participates in several out-reach activities during the year.  Every woman over the age of 16 is considered a member of the ECW.  

A number of ECW activities on the church calendar help raise the funds necessary to meet the budget of their in-reach/out-reach programs and other funding commitments. The ECW Board meets monthly and approves expenditure of its funds.  

The various ECW Committees manage the following:   

ECW Activities 

The ECW provides the following activities/missions:
•    Pancake Supper 
•    Funeral and Wedding Receptions 
•    Heavy Coffee Events 
•    Yard Sales (now including bake sale) 
•    Christmas Market 
•    Food for Churchyard Cleanup 
•    ECW Craft Table sales at events 
•    Lunch/Breakfast for various meetings 
•    Bake Table sales at events 
•    Provide Recipes 

ECW Calendar 
•    ECW Board Meetings (1st Sunday of each month)  
•    February:  Annual Meeting (Heavy Breakfast) – Women’s Breakfast – Pancake Supper  
•    May:  Calvert Arts Festival (2nd Saturday in May) – Bishop’s Visit 
•    June:  Yard Sale (2nd Saturday in June) 
•    August:  Nursing Home Birthday Party.   
•    October:  Yard Sale (2nd Saturday in October)
•    November:  Churchyard Cleanup 
•    December:  Christmas Market (2nd Saturday of December) 

ECW Out-Reach Activities:
•    Support for Nursing Home Birthday Party 
•    Blankets donated to Blanketing DC with Love project. 
•    Participate in Reading Camp 
•    Annual Tithe to various charities and individuals in need.

ECW Funds Pay for: 
•    Altar supplies 
•    Kitchen maintenance and repair 
•    Food for the various events 
•    Kitchen supplies 

ECW Committees and Their Coordinators: 
•    Pancake Supper (Sue Pierce and Cindy Overstom) 
•    Funeral Receptions (Cammie Weaver and Patti At Lee) 
•    Catered Events (Ed Dorsey) 
•    Heavy Coffees (Sue Pierce and Cindy Overstrom) 
•    Yard Sales (Cammie Weaver) 
•    Christmas Market (Sue Pierce, Cindy Overstrom and Cammie Weaver) 
•    Food for Churchyard Cleanups (Penny Dorsey & Martha Grahame) 
•    Breakfast/Lunch for meetings (Cammie Weaver and Sue Pierce) 

ECW Board Organization:
•    Co-Coordinators (Presidents):  – Sue Pierce and Cammie Weaver  
•    Treasurer:  Martha Grahame  
•    Secretary:  Cindy Overstrom 

For more information, contact:
Cammie Weaver (443-964-4344) or Sue Pierce (410-257-7694)

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