Mission and Vision Statement

Vision:  All Saints is a community where all can become engaged disciples of Jesus.

Mission:  All Saints creates and identifies opportunities for all to participate in activities that stimulate their interest and passion towards active discipleship.

All Saints is an inclusive community that nurtures spiritual, emotional and physical health.

All Saints encourages every parish member to discover his/her gifts and use them to enrich the life of the parish and the world.

All Saints and its members accept challenges and take risks in a nurturing and supportive environment.

All Saints fosters teamwork based on shared vision.

All Saints is an open community where involvement and sharing of ideas happen through personal interactions.

All Saints recognizes that the smallest event can reconnect an individual to the church and community.

All Saints strives to provide worship that is rich in variety and encourages the creative involvement of all.

All Saints follows the examples of Jesus and the Apostles through outreach, having a powerful effect on the lives of others.

All Saints embraces people as they are by accepting their talents and enhancing their skills through education, mentoring, and leadership opportunities.


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